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Site evaluation
Site planning is the initial step and maybe the most critical for all projects. We must understand how to best use the area while visualizing the site to incorporate topography, provide drainage and access to the facility.

Our in-house design team takes your project from a conceptual idea through construction. All design is completed within the NZR organization.

We can either work with your architectural partners or provide our own partner. We have a great relationship with our architectural partner who not only understands your needs, but understands racing.

We provide detailed budget and cost analysis for all size projects.

Project management
NZR provides project oversight throughout the construction process, including on-site management. A firm guiding hand providing direction helps ensure timelines will be met.

FIA Homologation
We are versed in all FIA guidelines and can guide clients through the circuit homologation process whether it be new circuits or upgrades to current ones.

Sanctioning body compliance
We work closely with sanctioning bodies therefore understand all of their requirements and expectations.